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Tiago Peixoto

Team Lead, The Digital Engagement Unit of the World Bank

Tiago Peixoto (PhD) is a Team Lead at the World Bank’s Digital Engagement Unit. Featured in TechCrunch as one of the “20 Most Innovative People in Democracy”, Tiago is an internationally recognized expert working at the intersection of technology and citizen engagement.

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At the World Bank, his activities focus on working with governments to leverage technology-enabled participation for better public policies and services. As the lead of the Bank’s Digital Engagement Evaluation Team (DEET), he coordinates evaluation and research activities that apply cutting-edge methodologies to examine the effects of technology on participation, transparency, accountability, and government responsiveness. Previously, Tiago managed projects and worked as an advisor and consultant for various organizations, such as the European Commission, OECD, United Nations, and the governments of Brazil and the United Kingdom. A Research Director of the Electronic Democracy Centre at the University of Zurich and faculty member of NYU’s Governance Lab, Tiago holds a PhD and a master's in Political Sciences from the European University Institute, as well as a master's in Organized Collective Action from Sciences-Po Paris. He blogs at