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Rebecca Rumbul

Head of Research, mySociety

Rebecca Rumbul leads mySociety’s research strategy and implementation, working in-house and with partners to assess the impact of mySociety’s tools and initiatives. Before joining mySociety, she worked in grant-making for several years with the Welsh Arts Council and Big Lottery Fund before migrating to the charitable sector, where she managed a young persons charity in Cardiff.

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Frustrated with the mounting unfairness in the sector and with a burning curiosity about how the supranational political and structural environment that affected NGOs really worked, she embarked on a PhD in her spare time to find out. After a short time working for an NGO in Cameroon, she then went to work for the Wales Governance Centre at Cardiff University, a research centre hosted by the National Assembly for Wales specialising in territorial politics. Rebecca has a number of peer-reviewed papers in international journals, primarily focusing on civil society and politics.

When she’s not working on mySociety projects, Rebecca continues to teach politics courses for adult learners through Cardiff University’s School for Lifelong Learning, is a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, and in 2015 was awarded a Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Fellowship. She is a regular political commentator in Wales, providing expert analysis to BBC Wales and ITV, and is a regular paper reviewer on BBC Radio Wales’ Good Morning Wales programme. Rebecca is fluent in research methods, analysis, and helping us know how best to achieve our mission.