Open Data for Social Change and Sustainable Development

December 07, 2016 by Raed M Sharif, François van Schalkwyk

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As the second phase of the Emerging Impacts of Open Data in Developing Countries (ODDC) drew to a close, discussions started on a possible venue for publishing some of the papers that emerged from the research conducted by the project partners. In 2012 the Journal of Community Informatics published a special issue titled ‘Community Informatics and Open Government Data’. Given the journal’s previous interest in the field of open data, its established reputation and the fact that it is a peer-reviewed open access journal, the Journal of Community Informatics was approached and agreed to a second special issue with a focus on open data. A closed call for papers was sent out to the project research partners. Shortly afterwards, the first Open Data Research Symposium was held ahead of the International Open Data Conference 2015 in Ottawa, Canada. For the first time, a forum was provided to academics and researchers to present papers specifically on open data. Again there were discussions about an appropriate venue to publish selected papers from the Symposium. The decision was taken by the Symposium Programme Committee to invite the twenty plus presenters to submit full papers for consideration in the special issue. The seven papers published in this special issue are those that were selected through a double-blind peer review process.