Measuring Open Data's Impact on Brazilian National and Sub-National Budget Transparency Websites and Its Impacts on People's Rights

December 07, 2016 by Nathalie Beghin, Carmela Zigoni

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This is an exploratory research designed to contribute to increase knowl- edge about open data in Brazil. The research is divided into two stages, namely, a quantitative and a qualitative stage. The quantitative research was designed to measure the scope of rules imposed by new Brazilian legislation for budget transparency in open data format. To this end, 27 websites of capitals6, one site of the federal government and one site of the Senate were analyzed. In addi- tion, a ranking of these 29 national and subnational entities was developed. The qualitative research was designed to complement the data collected during the quantitative survey with the aim of capturing possible impacts of open data on expanding human rights in Brazil based on the perception of more qualified users on open data access and analysis, the so-called "intermediaries."