Giving Voice to Clients of Post-Rape Services: Building and Piloting a Feedback Mechanism in Tshwane

June 30, 2017 by Ciana-Marie Pegus, Suzanne Johnson, Nomsa Brightness Mahlalela

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This practice paper reflects on the development of an appropriate and confidential feedback mechanism for users of post-rape services at the Thuthuzela Care Centers/ Rape Crisis Centers in Tshwane, South Africa. It discusses the disjointed approach to post-rape services, how center staff were supported to act on client feedback, uneven access to high-quality post-rape care in Tshwane and client perceptions of services, and managing the tensions between anonymity, visibility, and representation in gathering client feedback. It offers suggestions on how to get service providers to promote and engage with a new feedback mechanism, tips on how best to work with developers for organizations working to launch a mobile app for the first time, and advice for donors in the field of tech for transparency and accountability.