Enabling the Data Revolution: An International Open Data Roadmap

December 07, 2016 by

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More than 1000 participants from 56 di erent countries took part in the 3rd Inter- national Open Data Conference (IODC) in Ottawa from May 28-29, 2015 Hosted by the Government of Canada, the International Development Research Centre, and the World Bank, IODC brought together open data experts to understand the global impact of open data, coordinate action, and share best practices Titled “Enabling the Data Revolution”, the conference was designed as a platform to discuss a roadmap for the international open data community In person and online, the participants produced 200+ presentations, 20,000+ tweets, 100+ blog posts, and 33+ hours of videos. This was preceded by many pre-events co-hosted by the Open Data for Development program (OD4D), which included the rst Open Data Leaders Summit, Open Data Research Symposium, Open Data Unconference, Connecting Standards Day, and many more