A tale of two consultations: online participatory practices in Brazil

June 13, 2017 by Beatriz Kira, Juliana Ruiz, Mariana Valente

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When it comes to ICT-mediated governance participation in Brazil, Internet penetration still remains a major challenge, with only around half of homes having connectivity. Opportunities to influence public policy frameworks and government strategies through the Internet, or even through offline interaction, are limited. A worsening of the political and economic situation, and the lack of strong institutionalisation of direct participation have contributed to the decline of participation initiatives in Brazil. This Brief offers a case study of two public consultations initiated by the government to understand the impact of citizen participation through technology on governance in Brazil. The construction of Internet-related policies occurred on a digital platform, made available online in both consultations, specifically: - Marco Civil da Internet - a platform for a public consultation about a draft bill on Internet users’ rights, where the Bill was subsequently approved by the Brazilian Congress - Copyright Reform bill proposed by the Ministry of Culture. The bill resulting from the public consultation on Copyright Reform was never taken to Congress.