Making All Voices Count was a programme that worked on tech-enabled approaches to amplify citizen voice and support responsive, accountable governance. Over four years, it made grants to a range of tech-enabled governance initiatives, and to researchers examining when and how such approaches create postive changes in governance. The programme, which ended in November 2017, focused on Bangladesh, Ghana, Indonesia, Kenya, Liberia, Mozambique, Nigeria, Pakistan, South Africa, Tanzania, The Philippines and Uganda. It is implemented by Hivos, the Institute of Development Studies (UK), and Ushahidi, and was funded by DFID, USAID, SIDA and the Omidyar Network.


‘You have to raise a fist!’: seeing and speaking to the state in South Africa

Elizabeth Mills

Category Open Data
Methodology Case Studies

The right of access to information: exploring gender inequities

Laura Neuman

The dark side of digital politics: understanding the algorithmic manufacturing of consent and the hindering of online dissidence

Emiliano Treré

Methodology Case Studies

Men and women of words: how words divide and connect the Bunge La Mwananchi movement in Kenya

David Calleb Otieno Nathaniel Kabala Patta Scott-Villiers Gacheke Gachihi Diana Muthoni Ndung’u

Methodology Case Studies

Test it and they might come: improving the uptake of digital tools in transparency and accountability initiatives

Christopher Wilson Indra de Lanerolle

Methodology Case Studies

When does the state listen?

Miguel Loureiro Aalia Cassim Terence Darko Lucas Katera Nyambura Salome

Methodology Case Studies