Distributed Governance

Crowdsourcing civility: A natural experiment examining the effects of distributed moderation in online forums

Cliff Lampe Paul Zube Jusil Lee Chul Hyun Park Erik Johnston

Objective Participation

GitHub use in public administration in Canada: Early experience with a new open collaboration tool

Justin Longo Tanya M. Kelley

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Global Governance and ICTs: Exploring Online Governance Networks around Gender and Media

Claudia Padovani Elena Pavan

Methodology Case Studies
Objective Legitimacy

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Crowdsourcing Global Governance: Sustainable Development Goals, Civil Society, and the Pursuit of Democratic Legitimacy

Joshua C. Gellers

Objective Effectiveness

The Problem of Citizens: E-Democracy for Actually Existing Democracy

Daniel Kreiss

Methodology Conceptual Framework

Discovering the Appropriate Role of Serious Games in the Design of Open Governance Platforms

Tanya M. Kelley Erik Johnston

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Digital Democracy in Belgium and the Netherlands. A Socio-Legal Analysis of and

Koen Van Aeken

Methodology Case Studies

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Crowdsourcing Government: Lessons from Multiple Disciplines

Helen Liu