Distributed Governance

Discovering the Appropriate Role of Serious Games in the Design of Open Governance Platforms

Tanya M. Kelley Erik Johnston

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Crowdsourcing civility: A natural experiment examining the effects of distributed moderation in online forums

Cliff Lampe Paul Zube Jusil Lee Chul Hyun Park Erik Johnston

Objective Participation

Crowdsourcing Global Governance: Sustainable Development Goals, Civil Society, and the Pursuit of Democratic Legitimacy

Joshua C. Gellers

Objective Effectiveness

The Problem of Citizens: E-Democracy for Actually Existing Democracy

Daniel Kreiss

Methodology Conceptual Framework

GitHub use in public administration in Canada: Early experience with a new open collaboration tool

Justin Longo Tanya M. Kelley

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Digital Democracy in Belgium and the Netherlands. A Socio-Legal Analysis of and

Koen Van Aeken

Methodology Case Studies

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Global Governance and ICTs: Exploring Online Governance Networks around Gender and Media

Claudia Padovani Elena Pavan

Methodology Case Studies
Objective Legitimacy

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