Design Thinking

A Decision Model for Data Sharing

Methodology Conceptual Framework

MOOCs and Crowdsourcing: Massive Courses and Massive Resources

John Prpić James Melton Araz Taeihagh Terry Anderson

Methodology Conceptual Framework

Connecting Societal Issues, Users and Data: Scenario-Based Design of Open Data Platforms

Erna Ruijer Stephan Grimmelikhuijsen Michael Hogan Sem Enzerink Adegboyega Ojo Albert Meijer

Objective Effectiveness

Five Things We Learned From Our Survey on Government Innovations and the Hype Cycle

Danny Buerkli Farva Kaukab

Methodology Survey
Objective Effectiveness

Discovering the Appropriate Role of Serious Games in the Design of Open Governance Platforms

Tanya M. Kelley Erik Johnston

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Entrepreneurial Administration

Phil Weiser

Methodology Conceptual Framework

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Governing Methods: Policy Innovation Labs, Design and Data Science in the Digital Governance of Education

Ben Williamson

Methodology Network Analysis
Objective Effectiveness

Design Principles for Engaging and Retaining Virtual Citizen Scientists

Dara M. Wald Justin Longo A. R. Dobell

Methodology Case Studies Survey