Data democracy increased supply of geospatial information and expanded participatory processes in the production of data

Max Craglia Lea Shanley

Opening Government: Designing Open Innovation Processes to Collaborate With External Problem Solvers

Ines Mergel

Methodology Quantitative Analysis

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Discovering the Appropriate Role of Serious Games in the Design of Open Governance Platforms

Tanya M. Kelley Erik Johnston

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Statactivism: Forms of Action between Disclosure and Affirmation

Isabelle Bruno Emmanual Didier Tommaso Vitale

A Framework for Analyzing Digital Volunteer Contributions in Emergent Crisis Response Efforts

Chul Hyun Park Erik W. Johnston

Scientific crowdsourcing in wildlife research and conservation: Tigers (Panthera tigris) as a case study

MOOCs and Crowdsourcing: Massive Courses and Massive Resources

John Prpić James Melton Araz Taeihagh Terry Anderson

Methodology Conceptual Framework

Citizen Involvment in Local Environmental Governance: A Methodology Combining Human-Centered Design and Living Lab Approaches

Sandrine Reiter Guillaume Gronier Philippe Valoggia

Methodology Design Science
Objective Participation

Open collaboration in the public sector: The case of social coding on GitHub

Ines Mergel

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How Does Collaborative Governance Scale?

Chris Ansell Jacob Torfing

Methodology Case Studies
Objective Effectiveness

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GitHub use in public administration in Canada: Early experience with a new open collaboration tool

Justin Longo Tanya M. Kelley

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Co-Creating the Cities of the Future

Verónica Gutiérrez Evangelos Theodoridis Georgios Mylonas Fengrui Shi Usman Adeel Luis Diez Dimitrios Amaxilatis Johnny Choque Guillem Camprodom Julie McCann Luis Muñoz

Methodology Conceptual Framework
Objective Effectiveness

Geospatial big data and cartography: research challenges and opportunities for making maps that matter

Methodology Conceptual Framework

Confronting the hype The use of crisis mapping for community development

Ana Brandusescu Renée E Sieber Sylvie Jochems

Objective Effectiveness