Citizen Science

The well-informed city: A decentralized, bottom-up model for a smart city service using information and self-organization

Eyal Feder-Levy Efrat Blumenfeld-Liebertal Juval Portugali

Objective Effectiveness Access

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Hacking the streets: 'Smart' writing in the smart city

Spencer Jordan

Improving Crowdsourcing and Citizen Science as a Policy Mechanism for NA

Brittany Balcom

Methodology Quantitative Analysis
Objective Participation

Privacy of Public Data

Kirsten E. Martin Helen Nissenbaum

Just Good Enough Data: Figuring Data Citizenships through Air Pollution Sensing and Data Stories

Jennifer Gabrys Helen Pritchard Benjamin Barratt

Objective Effectiveness

How Regular People Can Help Shape Science

David Lang

Methodology Conceptual Framework

Crowdsourcing: It Matters Who the Crowd Are

Alexis Comber Peter Mooney Ross S. Purves Duccio Rocchini Ariane Walz

A Framework for Analyzing Digital Volunteer Contributions in Emergent Crisis Response Efforts

Chul Hyun Park Erik W. Johnston

Scientific crowdsourcing in wildlife research and conservation: Tigers (Panthera tigris) as a case study

Smart Crowds in Smart Cities: Real Life, City Scale Deployments of a Smartphone Based Participatory Crowd Management Platform

Tobias Franke Paul Lukowicz Ulf Blanke

Methodology Design Science
Objective Effectiveness

Political behaviour and the acoustics of social media

Helen Margetts

Methodology Case Studies
Objective Participation

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Digital Democracy in Belgium and the Netherlands. A Socio-Legal Analysis of and

Koen Van Aeken

Methodology Case Studies

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Revealing Clutural Ecosystem Services through Instagram Images: The Potential of Social Media Volunteered Geographic Information for Green Infrastructure Planning and Governance

Paulina Guerrero Maja Steen Møller Anton Stahl Olafsson Bernhard Snizek

Methodology Case Studies

Citizen Scientist

Mary Ellen Hannibal

Category Citizen Science
Methodology Conceptual Framework
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Citizen Sensing, Air Pollution and Fracking: From 'Caring About Your Air' to Speculative Practices of Evidencing Harm

Jennifer Gabrys

Methodology Conceptual Framework

Design Principles for Engaging and Retaining Virtual Citizen Scientists

Dara M. Wald Justin Longo A. R. Dobell

Methodology Case Studies Survey