January Highlights: New Research and Findings on OGRX

January 24, 2017 by Andrew Young

The Open Governance Research Exchange (OGRX) strives to identify and curate the most useful and important research on innovations in governance. Through the research efforts of OGRX’s editorial board and partners, and, especially, submissions from OGRX users, the platform is constantly growing and evolving, with new publications added each week.

Some pieces reflective of the diversity of newly added research and findings come from PLOS One, Big Data & Society, the Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences, Philosophy & Technology, and Current Anthropology, focusing on Citizen Engagement and Crowdsourcing, Big Data, Citizen Science, Social Media, and Data Collaboratives.

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Referenced Readings

Crowdsourcing: It Matters Who the Crowd Are

Alexis Comber Peter Mooney Ross S. Purves Duccio Rocchini Ariane Walz

Towards Scalable Governance: Sensemaking and Cooperation in the Age of Social Media

Iyad Rahwan

Objective Effectiveness

Just Good Enough Data: Figuring Data Citizenships through Air Pollution Sensing and Data Stories

Jennifer Gabrys Helen Pritchard Benjamin Barratt

Objective Effectiveness

Data Collaboratives as a New Frontier of Cross-Sector Partnerships in the Age of Open Data: Taxonomy Development

Iryna Susha Marijn Janssen Stefaan Verhulst

Objective Effectiveness

Too Much Democracy in All the Wrong Places: Toward a Grammar of Participation

Christopher M. Kelty